Portrait of Kyle Bustard, October 2019

Kyle Bustard is a Senior Software Engineer living in Austin, TX. Dropping out of college just before graduating with a double major in Philosophy and Sociology, he worked as a professional musician while moonlighting as a barista. When a programmer friend recommended that he might enjoy working in tech, he decided to learn coding. Already well-versed in using scales, arpeggios, and chords to make musical statements and expressions, he understood the value in learning data types and data structures and applying them to make statements and expressions in computer programs.

Kyle is currently working as a senior software engineer at a company that receives greater than 100 billion dollars in revenue annually. His role has him training other software engineers in hot technologies and best practices for building and maintaining enterprise software.

Fun fact: Kyle was born in the same city as Tim Cook

As a hobby, Kyle authors this blog where he hopes to reach others like him: musicians who’ve transitioned into tech careers, and technologists who’ve had an unconventional path and want to excel in their careers despite missing out on a classic computer science education. He lives in Austin with his beautiful wife and baby boy.

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